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Immi Dash reveals new single ‘Show Me’

Immi Dash was born in Scotland, raised in America and is now based between the artistic community of Stroud and vibrant Liverpool. This is the main catalyst for the sound of her music which is contemporary R&B but with her own twist as she also nods to different genres and cultures that are all fused together to create a sound of her own. Her latest offering comes in the form of latest single ‘Show Me.’

‘Show Me’ is a perfect example of how Immi confidently breaks music rules, blurring the lines between different genres and adding her own twist as well. The track features heart-warming synths and infectious drums that provide a minimal, yet important role as they let Immi’s vocals paint a picture. Her smokey tone paired with engaging lyrics allows for a very important message to shine through.

Discussing this she shares: “For me, this song represents me embracing my style and attitude as an artist. I feel that ‘Show Me’ has given me more direction with where I want to go with my music. It’s up for interpretation, however you want to perceive the song. But, ‘Show Me’ is about asking someone you’re beginning a relationship with to be clear with what they want from you. I found that I used to spend a lot of time in the early stage/talking stage of a relationship just wondering whether the person is even into me. I got to a point where I wanted to be straight up and ask “is this really what you want?” And if not, move on. So, ‘Show Me’ is about asking someone to really reveal and show how they’re feeling. I’ve found that if it’s the right person, you shouldn’t even have to question it. You know what they say, “if he wanted to, he would”. So the message is, if they’re not being straight up with you, they can politely move along. Got no time for games…”


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