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Vök share new single ‘Miss Confidence’

Icelandic trio Vök have shared one of their strongest new tracks yet with their buoyant and captivating new single ‘Miss Confidence,’ which follows their recent releases ‘Lose Control’ and ‘Stadium’ and is out now via Nettwerk. 
‘Miss Confidence’ is an upbeat and immediate track with an atmospheric disco-tinged melody and empowering lyrics about a woman who puts on a confident front yet is fearful inside. Margrét says;
“’Miss Confidence’ is about wearing a mask. It is yet another chapter in our story continuing from our “Feeding on a Tragedy EP” released last year. At this point in time, our character is putting on a front and wearing a mask of confidence. On the outside she appears bold and fearless, but on the inside, she is broken and afraid. It’s the perfect stranger – Miss Confidence.”


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