You are currently viewing Emilia Tarrant delivers a raw and honest anthem with new song ‘Hard Pill To Swallow’

Emilia Tarrant delivers a raw and honest anthem with new song ‘Hard Pill To Swallow’

Emilia Tarrant once more reaffirms her stature with the unveiling of her latest single, entitled ‘Hard Pill To Swallow.’ Taken from her forthcoming debut album due out in 2024. Marked by its potent emotional charge and complemented by an aesthetically compelling music video, Tarrant effortlessly puts forth a showcase of her remarkable vocal dexterity and profound abilities as a songwriter, with Lewis Gardiner (Pharell Williams, Cat Burns) on production duty.

At the heart of ‘Hard Pill To Swallow’ lies a deep and resonant message about the universal human experience of rejection and uncertainty. The song delves into Tarrant’s personal reflections on the transitory nature of relationships and the profound impact it can have on one’s sense of self-worth. Drawing inspiration from her own life, she candidly explores feelings of alienation, vulnerability, and the fear of being alone, all encapsulated within an unvarnished sincerity that undoubtedly forges an intimate rapport with listeners.

In Tarrant’s own words: “Rejection is a word that weighs heavy on my heart. In fact, this whole song stemmed from that single word! ‘Hard Pill To Swallow’ is a song about constantly wondering why so many people come and go in life, “friends, lovers, etc.”, and how this instability leaves you feeling like you’re not good enough. I’ve always been someone who has felt outside the crowd, especially at a younger age through school (which I think will be pretty relatable for some people!) and when I started releasing my own music at just 17. There is a brutal honesty in this song that perfectly captures my social day to day mental process, and the fear of being alone.”

Accompanying the evocative single is a visually arresting music video directed by long-term collaborator Tom Knibbs. The monochromatic music video encapsulates the emotions expressed in the song through its abstract visual representation. Filmed in a completely blacked-out hall, the video creates an aura of abyss and isolation, mirroring the Tarrants’ feelings of being alone and abandoned. Amidst this stark backdrop, fleeting glimpses of meticulously placed objects cleverly highlight the song’s poignant lyrics, adding an extra layer of depth to the viewing experience.

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