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Etaoin returns with new single ‘Cold Blood’

Singer-songwriter Etaoin is back with the new single, ‘Cold Blood’, pushing her modern folk-pop sound further than ever before. The new track is the second to be taken from her upcoming EP I Hate Everyone (But I Don’t Mind You), where the London based artist aims for more energetic production, on a track that highlights the emotional drama of teenage relationships.

Telling the real life story of a hazy night at a party where Etaoin endured the heart-breaking pains of unrequited love, ‘Cold Blood’ is presented as a narration of the whole evening, moving forward as the song progresses. With her stunning vocal performance which takes her voice to angelic highs and intense lows, the instrumentation is kept intimate, with a soothing guitar accompaniment joining the singer, keeping the focus on her soaring performance. Reflecting the pain of the night in the melancholic lyrics, you can hear Etaoin talking about “binning off” the situation towards the end as the themes of young love, angst, and dread all come together.

Speaking about the song, Etaoin says: “I’d been talking to this guy who I had been close friends with for ages. Days before the party he had told me he had really strong feelings for me. I remember arriving at the party and being so excited to see him, but as the night progressed he was spending the whole night trying to get together with another girl. I remember seeing him walking up to the bedroom with her and I was so angry and hurt. I just wanted to grab my stuff and leave the party, but at the same time I wanted to stay to see if my worst predictions came true. They did.”

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