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Photo credit: Alan Mitchell

néomí shares new single ‘not good enough’

Having already treated us to the wondrous offerings ‘if i wasn’t made for love’, ‘eyes filled with sky’ and ‘i’ll be there’ in recent months, néomí, aka Surinamese/Dutch folk-pop singer-songwriter Neomi Speelman, is now continuing the support for her highly-anticipated debut ep before with the heartfelt new single ‘not good enough’.

Throughout all her material to date, néomí has always found a way to project her raw and intimate emotions through song, and ‘not good enough’ looks to become her most moving offering to date. Maintaining more of that soft and lilting sound she has cultivated for herself, her latest swoon is a warm and humble serenade that looks to empower those that have ever felt lacking in life and give hope to those that have lost it.

Speaking about the new release, she said, “This song is about losing the love you have for yourself. Sometimes the world can bring a lot of insecurities, along with opinions from people about you that you didn’t even ask for. It actually is a reminder for myself and to anyone that listens that feeling “not good enough” doesn’t mean it is the truth. It is a “I don’t care” message for those who said you are “not good enough” to fit in.”


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