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Photo credit: Caity Krone

Eva Rose weaves her cosmic catharsis into ‘The Good Guy’

Delivering a gut-punch to a narcissistic ex, LA-based independent alternative artist Eva Rose delivers hard truths and shimmering catharsis on her new single ‘The Good Guy’. A harmonious blend of gritty guitars and Eva’s pointed self-awareness, there’s an ethereal glow that runs through everything she does.

Written about the aftermath of a breakup with someone more concerned with maintaining a good image than owning up to their actions, Eva explains “when ‘The Good Guy’ was being written, I was sleeping on my producer’s studio couch, while I was getting back on my feet after a breakup.”

“I had been venting my thoughts and emotions about how my ex had blindsided me with a breakup two weeks after we had moved into a new apartment,” she details. “The core concept of the songs was pulled from the moment when my things were on the curb while my ex had helped with loading the cab and he asked me “So…am I still the Bad Guy?”. At that moment, I had finally seen that clarity that he was more preoccupied with propping up his own ego and self-image than anything (or anyone) else.”

With its thrashing drums and increasingly heavy guitars, ‘The Good Guy’ is about more than just putting someone in their place, it doubles down on the importance of thinking about more that just how others are perceiving you.

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