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Photo credit: Meghan Marshall

Softee shares new single & video ‘Isn’t Enough’

Softee turns out another sparkling pop track, as well as a glimpse further into her world, where different elements of her psyche are vivaciously played out through a rotating cast of characters. ‘Isn’t Enough’ is the latest track to be taken from her debut album for City Slang, Natural, which is to be released on May 12.

Following the mischievous celebration of getting high and falling in love, ‘Molly’, a tirade on elitism in ‘Red Light Green Light’ and the recent demonic era of ‘Come Home’, in which lust (played by Brooklyn drag artist God Complex) becomes so all-consuming it quite literally devours her, now Softee introduces a new world of characters on ‘Isn’t Enough’. A breakup dance track, the song explores a new way for Softee to process heartbreak. “I wrote this while at home for Christmas, fresh after a breakup, ruminating on all the ways in which the relationship wasn’t sustaining me” Softee explains. “It was a cathartic moment to write it all down and put it over a dance beat. In the B section, the song shifts to a slightly angrier tone, and writing that was the first time I was able to experience anger instead of just sadness.”

The accompanying video, directed by Bao Ngo, was inspired by J Lo’s iconic video for ‘Get Right’. “I loved her playing all these different characters interacting in a nightclub, and wanted to bring some of that campiness into our vision” she comments. “In our video, though, the different characters I play are all fragments of Softee: the worker, the performer, and the person waiting for a date. They exist inside me and they’re all sharing the struggle of being in a relationship that is no longer sustainable. Bao Ngo, who directed the video, captured the wildness and empowerment of the song perfectly with the visuals and the way they build. I am so proud of what we made :)”

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