You are currently viewing Femegades release grunge banger ‘What Is Yours Is Mine’

Femegades release grunge banger ‘What Is Yours Is Mine’

Punk-rock four-piece Femegades return with their latest single, ‘What Is Yours Is Mine’. The track follows on from the successful release of scuzzy banger, ‘Depleted’.

Femegades are a band who aren’t afraid to confront the listener, exploring challenging themes and socially conscious subject matter. In this instance, ‘What Is Yours Is Mine’ depicts a world where every woman who walks down the street has a price tag. Whether it’s the landlord offering a ‘free’ room, or a random guy asking if you need to make some money, it’s a world where men don’t see women as a fellow human being, instead seeing something they are entitled to.

The band seamlessly wrap powerful lyricism around in-your-face, guitar-laden soundscapes. Melding catchy melodies with soaring sonics, Femegades effortlessly play with elements of alt.rock, grunge and punk, all delivered with a Riot Grrrl spirit.

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