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Femegades releases new single ‘Be Alone’

Hailing from London, alt rock/punk rock band Femegades are a breath of fresh air, delivering catchy, clean vocals and melodies framed by an energetic punk rhythm section. They tackle such themes as violence against women and consent head-on, with hard-hitting lyrics that are both sensitive to the subject matter and delivered with a sense of optimism. Being a band that stands for something is at the heart of everything they do.

Having earned an honorary Riot GRRRL badge with their debut EP Pornsick, the latest offering Not All Men picks up right where they left off. The Not All Men EP shows Femegades have no fear in delving into subjects others won’t touch, through their unique brand of militant, melodic punk-rock.

Second single from the EP ‘Be Alone’ is a great motivational song, it’s fast and urgent, and gives the listener a feeling of empowerment in overcoming a desperate situation. “The song explores one angle of surrogacy,” explain the band. “While it has become more accessible nowadays to go through this process, often it is not as simple as a monetary transaction. Written through the eyes of a surrogate mother it becomes apparent that there’s a lot more emotional attachment than anticipated and the aftermath can sometimes be taxing on her. This is to bring awareness that this is not a decision to be taken lightly and to consider the ramifications it may have on a surrogate mother’s mental health.”


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