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Photo credit: Debbie Ellis

Francesca Louise releases new single ‘The Sea’

Francesca Louise is an indie/folk singer-songwriter, who’s soulful Carole King/Laura Marling inspired vocals paired with songwriting influences from the likes of Joni Mitchell, Lucy Rose and The Staves, makes this artist one to watch.

Her highly anticipated new single ‘The Sea’ is a melancholic reminder of Louise’s time spent living in Rome. The story behind the music is hers. Meeting strangers who become friends and lovers at a time in life when she felt free and unhinged, written about in such delicate and poetic form with the accompaniment of swelling strings and dreamy vocals makes this song a beautiful listen. ‘The Sea’ lends itself to a serene listening experience and in a calm and quiet headspace the listener will fall deeply into the streets of the eternal city with Louise.

Recorded with the talented producer, multi-instrumentalist and independent artist manager; James Wyatt, ‘The Sea’ glows with soft acoustic guitar picking and warm swelling strings, providing the backdrop for her delicate, ethereal vocals. Louise has expressed her desire to tell stories in her previous work, after taking influence from Laura Marling’s album ’Songs For Our Daughter’. Her work is crafted to create as close a connection to the listener as possible, all through her carefully written lyrics and instrumental arrangements which take essence from Sam Amidon’s work. Louise hopes that her release will give the listener the desire to take notice of the small moments, as they become the biggest in the end.

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