You are currently viewing Gabriela Bee teams up with Powfu on brand new dreamy single ‘Blue’

Gabriela Bee teams up with Powfu on brand new dreamy single ‘Blue’

Viral pop sensation Gabriela Bee sets out to enchant audiences once again with her latest single ‘Blue’, a dreamy collaboration with renowned Canadian singer-songwriter and producer Powfu. ‘Blue’ is the next release from Gabriela’s eagerly anticipated EP Stories, which promises to further solidify her space in the pop scene.

Speaking on the story of the song, Gabriela shares; “‘BLUE’ is about the person in your life that brings you the most comfort and peace. They listen to you when you aren’t heard by others. They are like your safe person. That’s your blue. One morning I woke up to a tik tok that one of my friends had sent me. It said “send this to your blue – someone you can always count on, a person that brings out the real you.” I was really touched that he had sent me that, and I wanted to write a song about it. ‘BLUE’ is a love song, but about a different kind of love. One that can be found in all kinds of ways and people. Romantic or platonic. I really love this concept because I think of so many different people when I hear it. Some that I’ve known for a long time, but also some that I haven’t. They can still be your “blue” too. They can even be someone you’ve never met in person. There’s a different sort of connection. This song just feels like the colour blue, and not only because of my synesthesia, but it is just so dreamy. Its nostalgic, and reminds me of the ocean at night. A deep blue. The ocean takes away a lot of my worries, so I guess it’s my blue too. Your blue can be anything. Anything that brings you a sense of belonging and tranquility, no matter how you’re feeling.”

‘Blue’ perfectly embodies the essence of contemporary bedroom-pop, blending Gabriela Bee’s honey vocals with Powfu’s signature lo-fi hip-hop style to create a mesmerising sonic experience. With its infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics, the song explores themes of love and adoration, which is set to resonate with audiences on a deeply emotional level.

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