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CHINCHILLA releases stunning new single ‘1:5’

Fierce trailblazing artist CHINCHILLA has released gorgeous new ballad ‘1:5’ alongside the announcement of her upcoming EP Flytrap, due to be released June 7. The new single was produced by CHINCHILLA, written with Jordan Cosmo Lees, and shows the rising artist, renowned for her usual empowering unapologetic sound, in a more sensitive light.

Commenting on the brand new single, CHINCHILLA says: “’1:5’ is probably the most personal and vulnerable thing I’ve ever put out. It’s about a feeling of imbalance I guess and lack of power. ‘Do you really only love sometimes? At a ratio of 1:5’. It’s withdrawal. The heartbreak and longing of a feeling. The lyrics are straight from a note on my phone from a time when I was journaling about it, it came so quickly. My heart bled into it and I just fell in love with the song. It soothes me – music is therapy.”

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