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Photo credit: Shervin Lainez

girlhouse announces the fourth EP alongside the rousing new single ‘you don’t think about me’

Following the release for her highly-praised the third EP last year, fast-rising indie bedroom-pop artist girlhouse (aka Lauren Luiz) has now announced her plans for the fourth EP alongside the release of her rousing new single ‘you don’t think about me’.

Also featuring the newly unveiled lead single ‘worth it’, the fourth EP looks to become her most anthemic collection to date. With every new release so far, she has broadened and cultivated a richer and more dynamic direction, perfectly highlighted by the new offering ‘you don’t think about me’.

Much like what we got experience on ‘worth it’, ‘you don’t think about me’ hones more of that raw and intimate songwriting she is known for into a bright and soaring indie-rock belter. Building itself into a fresh and euphoric new delight, she battles her own self-obsessions to become a happier and more self-assured human being throughout this new offering.

Adding about ‘you don’t think about me’, she said, “Inspired by social anxiety and my hyper fixation on understanding and putting meaning to everything! I go down rabbit holes in my head trying to fix everything I’ve ever done wrong or stupid things I’ve said, to the point where it almost feels egotistic. It drives me nuts and it’s a constant battle for me. In this song I’m talking about a falling out I had with someone that I couldn’t figure out why they do or say the things that they do. I had to stop myself because, “there is no way this person is putting as much energy into figuring this out as I am right now!!” And I dropped it. I’m getting better at learning when to walk away and that’s been a hard journey for me.”

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