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Halley Neal releases new single ‘Somebody Else’s Daughter’

Halley Neal releases her folk single, ‘Somebody Else’s Daughter,’ co-written with long-time collaborator Suzie Buist. It’s off the album, Beautiful & Blue, due out September 30. A touchpoint on the album, the single finds the good in life – while contemplating how each decision can alter our reality, and ultimately resting in acceptance of the outcome, even when it’s painful.

Opening with the line, “What if I was somebody else’s daughter?” the song centers on the idea that if I were somebody else’s daughter, I would be an entirely different person, and this life I live is simply fate I was dealt. The song toys with the thought, “What if I changed some big, grand thing about myself? And how would that change me as a person?” The chorus sings, “people were born to find their way/to take what’s good and run/back and forth like the moon and the sun.” The song describes that wonder and also the ultimate realization that we’re all just living our lives, and each thing we do or step we take is what makes us who we are. Neal says, “I love the idea that everyone in the world makes mistakes, and we all are searching for the good in our lives.”


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