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Photo credit: Kate Hewett

Harkin shares new single ‘A New Day’

Having recently announced her new album Honeymoon Suite will be out June 17 via Hand Mirror, the label Harkin founded in 2019 with her wife, the poet Kate Leah Hewett, Harkin is now sharing the second single from the record with ‘A New Day’.

Speaking about the track, Harkin said “‘A New Day’ is a love song that sprang from glitter and grief. It feels apt to be releasing it in spring because it chronicles my journey from mourning the past to hope for the future.

“The song itself grew from a pulsing sampler part I made from recording a charity shop keyboard that I’ve since given away to my friend’s daughter. It feels right that the instrument that birthed it should continue to circulate as this song will now.

“When I was writing the lyrics, the twinkling keyboards made me remember something I read about why we humans are so drawn to glitter. That on a primal level it reminds us of the glint of clean water. The dance of beauty and utility inspires me greatly. I continue to look for clues.”

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