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Following her appearance at the Met Gala, GRAMMY-winning international pop sensation and critically-acclaimed songwriter Kim Petras has released the music video for her new single ‘Alone’ feat Nicki Minaj – out now via Republic Records/Amigo Records. The steamy club banger features diamond-selling hip-hop icon, and one of Kim’s biggest inspirations, Nicki Minaj. The video sees the duo embodying a man’s ultimate fantasies to figure out how to finally get him all alone while making references to multiple club classics such as Eric Prydz’s ‘Call on Me,’ Alex Gaudino’s ‘Destination Calabria,’ and Fedde Le Grand’s ‘Put Your Hands Up For Detroit.”

METTE has released the stunning video for her critically acclaimed single ‘Mama’s Eyes’. Directed by Camille Summers-Valli, the video for ‘Mama’s Eyes’ takes the track to new heights. Dynamic choreography provides show-stopping moments throughout, while home recordings featuring METTE singing and dancing as a child highlights the track’s authentic feel. It’s a beautiful blend of eye-catching energy and positivity. METTE says: “The ‘Mama’s Eyes’ music video is a celebration of my beloved artist journey… It’s a window into my coming of age story – how I’ve found music, dance, and performance to be an outlet of self expression and a divine sense of belonging. The richness of this visual is in its abstraction of the song’s theme of “mothering”… Dance is fundamental for me because movement is the first language I learned as a child and has played such a vital role in my personal and professional development. Performing movement to my lyrics and vocals was a homecoming of sorts. Being a subject of Camille’s brilliant directorial leadership, through her lens I found a sense of kinship with my inner child and the artist I am today”. Camille Summers-Valli adds: “‘Mama’s Eyes’ came out of a desire to make something that felt universal, with soul and purpose to honour the track. The song spoke to me on so many levels. I was also instantly drawn to METTE. Her mind, art, her movement and her body was such an incredible canvas to create from together. Secondly, it’s a coming of age song, it’s a journey from childhood to adulthood, it’s an ode to mothers. The desire to create a universal experience made me want to expand the film to archival footage. Something we can see ourselves in. Hours of scanning archival allowed Vid Price, the editor and I, to create these wonderful cuts that connect movement, emotion and language. Finally, Mette’s personal archives tied it all back together to a really personal place. It’s at once intimate and omnipresent. The film is a journey from the constrained body to the free one, from control to liberation, from conception all the way to release. Everything in the video is packed full of meaning, metaphor and symbolism. It’s the kind of video that upon revisiting, you discover more layers. Just like life itself.”

North Wales alt-pop quartet HOURGLVSS, made up of best friends Katie Benbow (vocals / keyboard), Sophie May Williams (vocals / keyboard), Rosie Hamilton (guitar) and Lauren James (drums) are the newest infectious girl gang you will want to be a part of. They’ve shared the vibrant new video for their recent infectious single ‘Calling’. The new video was filmed in HOURGLVSS’ renowned rehearsal space, situated within Benbow’s Vintage clothing warehouse. They used a green screen and a borrowed Rolls Royce. “We wanted the main character in the song to have and animated and whimsical feel to keep the video light hearted, so we used our Lipstick Mascot” adds HOURGLVSS. The video sees their lipstick mascot eventually free’d from their dark hole and sadness from persistent calling from friends which is the basis and message of the song. The video is fun and playful, taking inspiration from the likes of Bananarama and concluding with a nod to the film Never Ending Story. Eventually, the lipstick mascot is rescued and joins a magical ride of friendship. ‘Calling’ was written when Katie was going through a bad time. The opening line belts ‘The clothes on the floor they really are piling, she keeps adding more’. Recalling the time she sat looking at the pile of clothes on her floor during a period of depression, she remembers the rest of her bandmates calling her up to check she was okay. “Before HOURGLVSS, I never had a group of solid girlfriends. This is a love letter to all the girls in the band and to all girls and their friends. I had never found a community where I felt I fit in and where you all care about each other, where you can tell something is up with someone and want to check in.” ‘Calling’ is an uplifting slice of alt-pop that takes its cues from the likes of The Cranberries and Cocteau Twins. It’s not only a celebration of friendship and community but also a solidarity anthem for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed, that life is getting on top of them – that they are literally drowning in a pile of clothes. “This is a statement to say, we have been there, and you’re loved.”

Perth-based pop icon Skyuka releases the incredibly catchy track, ‘Michael Cera’. With a blend of indie rock, ’90s fuzz and a touch of humour, this infectious tune will be your favourite bop of the year. ‘Michael Cera’ showcases Skyuka’s unique blend of upbeat pop melodies alongside introspective, witty lyrics. It tells a relatable story of falling for someone who you just can’t seem to escape from, and the frustration that comes with it. It’s a reflection on unrequited love, delivered with Skyuka’s lightheartedness and sass. “When I wrote ‘Michael Cera’ I was listening to a lot of Vampire Weekend and just really enjoying the playfulness of their earlier albums which influenced the writing process of this song. It felt refreshing to write something fun that people could clap and sing along to and have a laugh at, but still had a lot of heart. I was basically telling myself I didn’t want to see this person anymore because of their addictive tendencies…but at the same time I felt like a huge hypocrite as I was clearly addicted to them.”

Eora/Sydney based musician Georgia Mooney is excited to announce her eagerly anticipated debut album Full of Moon, out August 25 via Nettwerk. Georgia treats us to a teaser ahead of her debut album, taking shape as ‘Break It Off’. Pulling inspiration from the theatrical sounds of ABBA and Rufus Wainwright, ‘Break It Off’ is pure high drama, a melodramatic and shamelessly camp take on infatuation ending in pain, fuelled by desperate yearning and stubborn sentimentality. Georgia Mooney shares “it is about being powerless to somebody’s charms. When a relationship is terribly bad for you, but the infatuation is overwhelming. When you’re not receiving enough in return, there is a desperation that the person will have a miraculous epiphany and realise they’re actually madly in love. There is an inability to let go of that hope, to the extent where the only option is to be dumped ruthlessly!” Mooney’s celestial vocals dance above luscious layers of instrumentation: gentle piano, a 70s-esque synth, and shimmering strings, all buoyed by bass and shuffling drums reminiscent of classic 60s pop. The ‘Break It Off’ video sees a dazzling 80s-worthy collaboration with Eora-founded aerobics queens Retrosweat. Devised as “if Pat Benatar made an instructional workout video”, Georgia Mooney sings as a portrait on the wall of a beautiful, surreal set that the trio of dancers perform in. As well as being wonderfully theatrical, it’s also the avenue through which Mooney presents an ode to one of her greatest loves – Benedict Cumberbach. She shares, “It is no secret that I have something of a celebrity crush on Benedict Cumberbatch. I do not suffer from celebrity worship syndrome in general, nor do I ever get star struck, I cannot explain the spell that was cast on me when first I clapped eyes and ears on Cumberbatch. Surely something to do with the rather lovely, clever-sounding accent and the period costume attire…When I wrote the lyric “you’re not a patch on Benedict Cumberbatch”, I gave myself the rest of the day off.”

Claud, the first artist signed to Phoebe Bridgers’ Saddest Factory Records, has announced a new album. Claud’s sophomore release is called Supermodels and it’ll be out July 14. Coming two years after 2021’s Super Monster, Supermodels features 13 tracks, including lead single ‘Every Fucking Time,’ out now. Of the track, Claud says: “I wrote ‘Every Fucking Time’ two summers ago. It was hot and sticky in New York, so naturally I was spending a lot of time at home, overthinking everything… and this song was born. Even as I was writing “Every Fucking Time” I had flashes of what I wanted the music video to look like. The songs details and specificity came straight from me, so it only felt natural to write and direct the music video too. This was my first time directing, which was scary, but came easily because my vision for this song was so strong. The video wouldn’t have been the same without my co-star, Grace Kuhlenschmidt. We met on the internet early in the pandemic. I was a big fan of her comedy, and I watched every single video she posted. We quickly became friends and have been wanting to collaborate for a while, and I wrote this video concept with her in mind. Being on set with Grace was a dream come true because I got to work with my favorite comedian and a good friend all at once.” [via Stereogum]

‘Judy Law’ is the new single and video from Norwegian band Fieh. This band are overwhelmingly guilty of consistently delivering outstanding future soul music. Behind the song title is lead singer Sofie Tollefsbo‘s alter ego, Judy Law, a lawyer living in designer clothes – an entirely different lifestyle from that of a hard-working musician. The single revolves around the desire for a better life or simply to be someone else. Although the theme represents self-realisation, it has a dreamy quality that suggests wishful thinking. The lyrics are poetic and engaging, like the dark stuttering groove beneath. This video embodies Fieh’s playful creativity, where humour is always a part of the mix. [via Scandinavian Soul]

hemlocke springs first emerged last year with ‘girlfriend,’ an addictive, high-energy earworm that promptly blew up on TikTok. She followed that up with ‘stranger danger!’ in January and now she has dropped another new song. ‘sever the blight’ begins in melodramatic fashion with springs situating herself in a dank basement tied up by the ankles. It’s not all doom and gloom, however, with the song powered by a sleek synth-laden beat courtesy of BURNS, the EDM-adjacent producer who contributed heavily to Lady Gaga’s Chromatica. The track’s playful tone is matched by a medieval-themed video that imagines a world in which springs drinks wine from a goblet, dances wildly in her turret and stages sword fights for entertainment. It, like springs’ whole vibe, is a great deal of fun. [via The FADER]

Summer has come early as Rachel Mae Hannon returns with her new single ‘The Boys’. This sassy, passionate groove calls out misogyny and toxic masculinity in today’s world. But it is also a song of celebration and empowerment for women and minorities. The funky guitar riff sits on a bed of soulful drums, with the backdrop of rich harmonies and deep tones of RMH’s vocals. The song is the ultimate crowd pleaser at her live sets, an interaction that will undoubtedly transfer to the streaming world.

Innovative Faroese American songstress Marianna Winter has released the video for her single, ‘Consequences’. Staring down the barrel of Marianna’s smoking gun, listeners are invited to a secret warehouse to watch the Faroese singer play the baddy. Donning a suit like Samuel L. Jackson in the cult classic film Pulp Fiction, she fires round after round of catchy hooks and funky beats with lethal accuracy. And we quickly learn that this is Marianna’s world, and that there will be repercussions.

Source Music girl group LE SSERAFIM have released their first-ever studio album Unforgiven and a music video for its lead single of the same name. The new title track features legendary record producer Nile Rodgers of disco band Chic. In the new visual for ‘Unforgiven’, the members of LE SSERAFIM don cowboy hats and perform the track from a Western-themed bar and later, a helipad, singing and rapping to the energetic single. Meanwhile, leader Kim Chaewon rides a white horse through a devastated city, jumping over the wreckage. “Unforgiven, I’m a villain, I’m a / Unforgiven, Imma walk that road / Unforgiven, I’m a villain, I’m a / It’ll be remembered as a new era, Unforgiven,” they chant in the chorus. [via NME]

Isle of Wight alt-rockers Coach Party are celebrating the announcement of their debut album Killjoy with the release of their new single, ‘All I Wanna Do Is Hate.’ The single is a roaring and relentless blend of punk and noise pop that oozes with power and inspires listeners to get in touch with their inner fury. The single is a banger through and through, opening with hooky guitar riffs leading the charge into a world full of thrumming bass lines and crashing percussion. Eastwood taps into a merry bitterness with her addictive vocals, declaring, “I’m into hating / Not hesitating / I’m gonna tell you everything / That I think of you.” In the climactic chorus, she challenges her peers to a fight, exclaiming that she always gets what she wants. She later cements herself as an indomitable force to be reckoned with as she chants atop a hypnotic melody, “I am untouchable / Yeah I’m a dangerous girl / I’m gonna hate shit / You should embrace it / You’ll learn to like it.” “‘All I Wanna Do Is Hate’ is about acting out against people who are trying to help, but you’re not ready for that and choose to do the opposite of the advice you’re given,” said vocalist and bassist Jess Eastwood, about the single in a statement. “This song is just about being incredibly angry, for what is up to whoever is listening, but sometimes you need to go against everyone to learn a valuable lesson. Maybe you’ll write a cool angry song about it.” The accompanying music video is a raging visual that opens with scenes of Eastwood in an abandoned warehouse. She’s soon chased by a group of cheerleaders, and scenes of the band smashing and shredding their way through the track further lure the viewer in. Later, with Eastwood brandishing a baseball bat, they embrace all their anger, letting it all out and living up to the song’s message of causing mayhem. [via Ones to Watch]

London multi-hyphenate Lava La Rue has shared her new single ‘Renegade’. A trailblazing talent, Lava is part of the NiNE8 Collective, working alongside close friends such as breakouts Biig Piig and Mac Wetha. Alongside this, Lava’s solo outings are increasingly formidable, building to 2022’s excellent Hi-Fidelity EP. Freshly signed to Dirty Hit, Lava La Rue now sits on a roster which also includes the likes of Rina Sawayama, beabadoobee, and little known indie types The 1975. There’s a lot more incoming, with Lava opening a fresh chapter on their latest single. A signal of psychedelic intent, ‘Renegade’ has an otherworldly appeal, its lawless aspects intermingling with Lava La Rue’s voice. Born to communicate, they utilise some bold lyricism, continually evading expectations. [via Clash]

London-based purveyor of alt-pop Fran Lobo has announced that her debut album Burning It Feels Like will arrive on August 18 through Heavenly Recordings. Previous single ‘All I Want’ features on the record, as does today’s new single ‘Tricks’, which will be the closer. Lobo says: “‘Tricks’ is inspired by a 1970s kind of songwriting sensibility. It’s classic in its structure but with weird production and sound design. It’s direct and vulnerable and it explores those ‘tricks’ where you’re playing mind games with yourself, world-building in your head. It’s theatrical and dark, it’s me taking the piss out of myself whilst playing on fairy tales, the idea of the ‘crazed woman’ and unrequited love/ love addiction.” At a remove from the work, Lobo can say that she’s taking the piss out of herself, but in the midst of ‘Tricks’ she is deadly serious about her emotions. Supported by atmospheric piano chords and tense electronics, Lobo sounds like a woman on the verge of a breakdown. It’s beautiful while being slightly unsettling, but Lobo’s voice ensures that the human element remains the beating heart of the undulating confession. She’s simultaneously trapped by and attracted to her tormentor – namely her mind – and this push and pull is the lifeblood of ‘Tricks’, Lobo repeating “keep playing these tricks on me” as both a request and complaint. While Lobo in the song is uncertain of herself, the Lobo who created the song is in full control, wringing a range of emotion out of the direct but dynamic way she presents her struggle. [via Beats Per Minute]

Pussy Riot, Boys Noize, and Alice Glass have come together for the new song ‘Chastity.’ It comes with a music video conceptualized by Lil Internet. In a press statement about the single, Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova said, “This song will put the patriarchy in a tiny cage and throw the key out.” [via Pitchfork]

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