You are currently viewing Helle release revolutionary second single ‘Scream!!!’

Helle release revolutionary second single ‘Scream!!!’

Helle are an irresistible fire storm of grit and glamour that takes no prisoners. Hailing from Leeds, the feminist punk four piece erupted onto the local scene in 2021 in a flurry of blistering riffs, unflinching lyrics and explosive live intensity. Combining soaring vocals and shout-along choruses with hard-edged, grunge-inspired instrumentation, Helle are an irresistible firestorm of grit and glamour that takes no prisoners. Following the success of debut single ‘Scarlett Fever’ they are back with their riotous second offering ‘Scream!!!’.

‘Scream!!!’ is an anti-establishment anthem for the dissatisfied and disillusioned. Taking inspiration from raging 70s punk that still resonates today portrayed through a modern lens, this track is aggressive and harsh with driving rhythm and in-your-face vocals. Speaking on the track, Helle comment:

“We are a group with very strong political views, which is often reflected in our music, however we had yet to write a piece about the UK government. At scream’s conception I initially struggled to put our feelings into words that made sense lyrically, this made us realise that it was a rage that we found difficult to explain, as it just made us “want to scream”, and so scream came into being. It is a song full of anger and passion, paired with heavy drums and a bass riff you can feel in your bones. If it feels anything like as cathartic as it feels to play live, we can’t wait to have it officially released and to be able to scream along with you.”

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