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JANIZ releases new single ‘Black Spot’

The emo/pop-punk band JANIZ’s ultra-modern sound combined with their highly emotional themes hits a nerve, we can’t help but feel transported back to the heyday of pop-punk in the early 2000s. But not without picking out the complexity and DIY spirit of a modern young band.

New single ‘Black Spot’ is a hymn for the outcasts of society. A heavy voice of appreciation for all the misfits, pariahs andoutsiders most people don ́t even notice. The song tells about endurance and the beauty in everyone of usand expresses our deep love of equality among every human being, no matter where we ́re from or how we choose to live. Its catchy, energetic and simply melodic as well, so everyone can sing along loud and proud, having a good time sending positive vibes out to the world. A mid tempo pop punk anthem build on heavy guitars and thrilling vocal lines.

Their new EP, Candy Colored Rain, is a swan song to pretending to be okay. Depression, social exclusion, social media: JANIZ sing in a mixture of Paramore, My Chemical Romance and Blink 182 about things that are unfortunately hardly ever talked about. Candy Colored Rain will be released on June 17.


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