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Japan, Man returns with new single ‘Nowhere To Hide’

Navigating the intensity of emotion, ‘Nowhere to Hide’ is a fiercely cathartic and exceptionally unique offering from this exciting emerging project, led by Laeticia Acra.

The mesmerizing new single, ‘Nowhere to Hide’ was born from feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated with no quick fix in sight. Finding your feet in today’s world has never been harder, but Japan, Man is here to remind you that you are not alone.

Sharing more, Laeticia said: “In the midst of big and frightening emotions I think people, including myself, get tied up in the illusion that they are alone in the process of feeling these things, and that no one in the world could ever understand. Through the song I also want to emphasize the panic of being unable to escape negative emotions, and being trapped inside a feeling, routine, or bad habit. The thing I want people to take from the song is that feelings are big, and can feel like a tsunami of overstimulation, and all in all that is a human experience, and really, the human experience.”

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