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Japan, Man shares new single ‘Overdid It’

Japan, Man shares new single ‘Overdid It’, along with news of their much anticipated debut album, Metropolis which will be arriving on the October 18 via +1 Records (Anna of The North, Rejjie Snow).

Taking shape as a playful break-up anthem, ‘Overdid It’ is a self-deprecating jam that touches on ‘overdoing it’ in a relationship. Japan, Man’s signature groovy alt-pop vibes lead the way as front woman Laeticia leans into the irony of the situation. The result is a charming and reflective final teaser ahead of debut album Metropolis. Sharing a little more Laeticia shares: “The song attempts to capture the embarrassment of overdoing it in a relationship, or situation-ship, especially with a rather complicated label.

“I think we all try to remove ourselves from the category of being an ‘emotional’ or ‘sensitive’ person these days. I think we all internalize this and try to be as unbothered and as nonchalant as possible, but we all end up forgetting how significant our tendencies to over-love, over-care, overcomplicate, and over feel really are when intimacy and romantic passion enters the picture, and that’s completely normal and definitely what I was feeling while writing the song.

“The song definitely carries sass and arrogance which was very fun for me to write, and sing, as most of my songs are more serious in tone when it comes to lyrics, but I was feeling particularly playful while writing this, and wanted to take a more ironic approach.”

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