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Photo credit: Samuel Gove

Jordan Michelle releases pop punk anthem ‘It’s My Birthday (RIP To Me)’

To celebrate her 30th birthday, emerging pop rock singer, songwriter and entrepreneur Jordan Michelle has released her new single ‘It’s My Birthday (RIP To Me)’ with rising hip-hop/punk rock artist SK8 and rising in-demand drum talent Tosh The Drummer (Jxdn, Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Nas X).

The pop punk birthday anthem, co-written and produced by Michael Bono (Avril Lavigne, Modsun, John Feldmann) and co-writer Reece Lenzo and available via Wayward Music, is an upbeat party song that she hopes people feel empowered by while listening to.

“I always thought there was a missing space for a pop punk birthday anthem,” explains Michelle. “As my 30th birthday was approaching, I thought, what could be something cool to do for such a big birthday? I was joking with friends that I should have a funeral for my 20s and then realized that’s actually a great idea. I don’t mind turning 30, so I didn’t want it to be a negative thing. I’m so excited to move into this next chapter. I look back on the version of myself over the last 10 years and wish I could inject some confidence into her or squeeze the worry out of her. Every year, she dreaded getting older. I want to hug her all the time and tell her it’s going to be okay. When I connected with Michael Bono, I told him about the funeral concept and ideas I had and then ‘It’s My Birthday (RIP To Me)’ was born. I want people to party to it, to yell it, to feel it and feel empowered when they bop it. Growing older is a privilege.”

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