You are currently viewing Filth Is Eternal announce new album Find Out & share lead single/video ‘Crawl Space’

Filth Is Eternal announce new album Find Out & share lead single/video ‘Crawl Space’

Filth is Eternal’s Find Out is the triumphant reawakening of one of Seattle’s most vigorous and involved bands. The new testament whips forth with the force of a breakthrough and is a clear undertaking of their own genesis with a deep awareness of themselves, their crowd, and the shared history between them. The band’s ground rules: immediacy must be prioritized. The songs should have the power to whip up a pit in under thirty seconds. They must be vital and exciting – all of which cuts through on their newest single, ‘Crawl Space.’

Nothing short of a punk anthem, fault lines on ‘Crawl Space’ bubble with hot melodies and fist-clenching riffs. Front person Lis Di Angelo’s vocal delivery is singular and looks at life in the balance, where individual things are in a semblance of order but lacking synergy and permanence. “It’s about that small window of time when everything feels like it’s working – the band – relationships – work – mental health – the meds – everything – but something still feels off, like it’s destined to fall apart no matter what choices you make,” they tell.

‘Crawl Space’ is the first look at what’s to come from Find Out. It comes alongside a video directed by Marcy Stone, watch below.

Find Out:

  1. Half Wrong
  2. Crawl Space
  3. Magnetic Point
  4. Cherish
  5. Roll Critical
  6. Curious Thing
  7. Into the Curve
  8. Pressure Me
  9. Body Void
  10. The Gate
  11. Signal Decay
  12. All Mother
  13. Last Exit
  14. Loveless

Photo credit: Joshua Simons

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