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Photo credit: Mary Evelyn Pritchard

KAZIMI shares new single ‘River Run’

KAZIMI, a new indie-folk-pop project, releases the single ‘River Run’, the initial track from her debut album of the same name out later this year. The singer-songwriter who looks to nature’s cycles and seasons for guidance has chosen this date based on a cosmic occurrence that will be happening in the sky. When a planet passes within one degree of the Sun, it is called a cazimi, meaning the celestial body is “in the heart of the Sun.” This is said to bring good fortune and is the inspiration behind the project’s name. To ride this luck wave, KAZIMI released her first single on May 1, the date of the next Mercury cazimi.

Of her new single and upcoming LP, KAZIMI wrote: “Making this record, I learned over and over that timelines are not always going to work out the way you think they will. I’ve thrown so many dates out the window because the music wasn’t ready. To now be able to release when there is a cazimi feels like a sweet little nod from the stars. They’re said to be auspicious days to debut a creation to the world and I’ll take all the support I can get.”

Starting sparse with nothing but dry vocals and the purr of a Wurlitzer, ‘River Run’ speaks to the demure isolation of growing up in a small Texas town. When the band and the spacey background vocals arrive in the first chorus, the track blossoms into an affecting story about leaving home in search of something more. Thematically and harmonically, ‘River Run’ captures KAZIMI’s otherworldly way of creating and nurturing the music she makes. Stay tuned for more coming soon from KAZIMI.

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