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Matilda Mann shares new single ‘Hell’

West London based singer-songwriter Matilda Mann shares her new captivating single ‘Hell’.

Following the release of ‘Nice’, ‘Four Leave Dream’ and her 2021 EP Sonder, 21-year-old Matilda has been making waves with her open and honest song-writing, tapping into emotions, experiences and perspectives that are usually her own or inspired by others.

Speaking on ‘Hell’, Matilda said: “I think this time, it’s more than just releasing a song. I’m going to be talking about a really big part of why I write and show such a vulnerable side of myself to strangers. The subject of sexual assault is always something I’ve struggled to talk about, so I guess the main way I’ve been able to face it, is through music. I hope releasing this song, starts conversations. Conversations between friends/family/trusted ones. Helps people, who have have been coping by themselves. Making the subject less scary and open.”


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