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Little Quirks unveil captivating new single ‘Maybelle’

Little Quirks – Australian sisters Abbey and Mia and their cousin Jaymi – are excited to reveal new single ‘Maybelle’ – another undeniably catchy folk-pop earworm, lifted from their forthcoming Call To Unknowns EP – out August 25 via Glassnote Records.

Abbey Toole muses, “’Maybelle’ is a story of a woman with a wild mind and imagination. She travels town to town, sharing stories of her adventures. Over time, the news spreads and she becomes the legend of Maybelle.

“I wanted to write a song that would draw audiences to dance and get excited! I wrote it while stomping my feet around the house and clapping to the beat.

“This one was especially fun to record as we got everyone involved in the recording in a big room to stomp, clap and chant. ‘Maybelle’ is fun and energetic, our favourite song to play live. We can’t wait for everyone to finally hear it!”

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