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Matilda Mann shares beautiful new track ‘Margaux’

West London based singer-songwriter Matilda Mann shares her delightful new single ‘Margaux’.

Following the release of singles ‘Hell’, ‘Nice’, ‘Four Leaf Dream’ and her 2021 EP Sonder, 21-year-old Matilda has been making waves with her open and honest song-writing, tapping into emotions, experiences and perspectives that are usually her own or inspired by others.

Speaking on ‘Margaux’, Matilda said: “I think whenever I’m overwhelmed or stressed, the best thing for me has always been, having some time alone. Sometimes you can feel yourself slipping away from someone, and you’re not quite sure why, until you figure out that it’s because you’re best apart. I guess ‘Margaux’ is from the perspective of who you’re leaving. How they saw you fall away. How the subtle things started to change. And how life is without them.”

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