You are currently viewing LU KALA releases heart-wrenching new single ‘Nothing But Love’

LU KALA releases heart-wrenching new single ‘Nothing But Love’

Today, Toronto based pop artist LU KALA kicks off 2024 with a stellar new offering ‘Nothing But Love’.

Sharing the story behind ‘Nothing But Love’, LU KALA expresses; “I wrote ‘Nothing but love’ on zoom with a friend from my bedroom in the middle of the pandemic. The world had stopped and it was the very first time I sat with my feelings and processed the hurt I had never healed from. Moving on after a breakup is hard especially when you still have love for that person. At least if I hated him, I could completely delete him out of my life and heart. But maturing for me was realizing that even though things didn’t work out and though I believed him when he said he wanted this for the long haul it’s still pure that at 1 point there was love and so I don’t wish him the worst but instead, I still have nothing but love for him. Nothing But Love is the most vulnerable song I’ve ever written. So much so that It took me 2 years to heal & finish writing it. I hope this song helps heal those in need. I’m okay singing it for the rest of my life if that means it provides love and healing to the heartbroken souls that are in need of nothing but love.”

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