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Maud releases UK house & garage inspired ‘See Right Through U’

Pioneering Norwegian producer Maud debuts the futuristic single ‘See Right Through U’ as the third release from the upcoming EP In My Haven.

Mixing an eclectic mix of inspirations ranging from euphoric 90s pop to UK house and garage, ‘See Right Through U’ is a hypnotic concoction of dreamy vocals and rapid beats – showcasing Maud’s wide-ranging production know-how. Exploring themes of empowerment and self-discovery in her music, this new single encapsulates the rising artist’s signature dark soundscapes and creative vision.

Talking about the track Maud explains: “The track is based on the ambivalent feeling of being drained, but at the same time feeling rootless. The person in the song is looking for kicks, but is also in need for silence which she’ll only be able to find inside herself. The song can be interpreted as a self-directed talk, where the person is trying to explain to herself that she cannot make her way if she doesn’t look inside herself and come to terms with her own struggles.”

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