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The Deep Blue release new single ‘Lakehouse’

Fear subsides in the safety of their sisterhood and remarkable artistry as Manchester’s folk-pop powerhouse, The Deep Blue release one of their most soul-baring songs to date in ‘Lakehouse’. Pain has often been a route to irresistible melody on the part of the most influential artists and the sweet-singing four piece use the sour taste of experience to do the same. Channeling their music straight to the hearts and souls of their listeners, the band soundtracks a familiar emotional fallout.

With the ultimate destination of the release of their masterpiece Sugarcoat EP in sight, released on July 7, ‘Lakehouse’s gentle balm, borne of lived experience in the field of love and loss, is a study in disciplined songwriting and effective, restrained performance. Where the EP’s first single, ‘How About It?’ roared out of the blocks as a “protest bop” for the ages, and last month’s release of ‘Lost Boy’ appeared to glide, effortlessly, into the world on wings of lush instrumentation and those vocals, ‘Lakehouse’ weaves beats-based modernity with a touch that could only be human and of fragile heart.

The band says of the single: “’Lakehouse’ is a very special song to us and the most emotionally raw on the EP. It’s an ode to the paradox of fearing vulnerability whilst longing for connection. Sometimes the words are just too heavy to say out loud.”

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