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Photo credit: Philine van den Hul

néomí offers up tender new single ‘i could never leave’

Following the release of her highly-acclaimed single ‘skipping stone’ at the start of the year, néomí, aka Surinamese/Dutch folk-pop singer-songwriter Neomi Speelman, continues the support for her eagerly-awaited new EP after with the tender new offering ‘i could never leave’.

As the final entry in her forthcoming new collection, ‘i could never leave’ acts as a heartfelt curtain call on this moment within her career to date. Channelling more of that sweet and alluring disposition she always looks to project, her newest effort is another beautifully haunted ode to fallen relationships and moving on from more troubled times.

Adding about ‘i could never leave’, she said, “‘i could never leave’ is a track that lies very close to my heart. I think this song comes closest to my feelings than any other at this point. Every time I hear it or play it, it brings me back to this one love I had. I couldn’t go, I couldn’t move, I wanted to but also didn’t want to. It’s hard to describe but those who know this feeling know what I mean. It’s about a relationship shifting, like a big force, like stars falling in the sky. Self-development, acceptance but also grief at the same time. I really enjoyed the process of creating this song as well, together with my friend Will it was very natural and went so quickly because the story was just so clear and came flowing out of me. It didn’t need much time or thinking. It felt raw and honest, and I hope it comes across that way because it’s true.”

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