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Morchella releases Ukraine charity single ‘The Other Side’

Kharkiv born, Ukrainian / British artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Morchella releases emotive new charity single ‘The Other Side’ featuring some beautiful production from award winning songwriter / producer Astraea (Ward Thomas, Hannah Grace).

The song is a dark yet uplifting ballad with a powerful lyrical message exploring the current situation in Ukraine, with all proceeds going towards the DEC and select local grassroots charities within the country.

Speaking on the song, Morchella says: “I wanted to dedicate a song to my beautiful country, and particularly my city Kharkiv. I have so many fond memories from growing up there and it’s where I first discovered my love of music (thanks to my incredible music teacher Tatyana Kurilko). What struck me most when speaking to loved ones out there, is how despite the dangers of staying, so many people do not want to leave their homes or their country – which I find incredibly moving. That idea really inspired the lyrics of this song. It is beyond tragic what is happening there and my heart goes out to all the people of Ukraine.”


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