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Photo credit: Marieke Macklon

Sprout shares new track ‘Settled (Here In My Heart)’

Sprout, aka Meg Grooters, is a Burnley bred singer-songwriter making classic dulcet tones fit for the 21st century. Self-described as a “genderless blob of emotion”, Sprout’s second ever single, ‘Settled (Here In My Heart)’, sees them bring their dexterous vocal ability to the fore, channelling jazz icons like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. 

Out now, its stripped back arrangement offers a blissful soundscape, while the contrasting lyrical content bases itself around a period of identity crisis for Sprout.

Speaking of the track, Sprout said: “I wrote this during a time in between lockdowns when I was experiencing a lot of confusion with my gender, my sexuality, my identity – the full scoop. I was trying to find myself by grabbing on to people, things and ideas that weren’t true to me, but that I hoped would give me a sense of purpose. This song is about that feeling of being aimless and rootless.”


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