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Photo credit: Shauna Summers

Mulay shares beautifully evocative new single ‘TWTC’

Mulay releases her new single ‘TWTC’. It’s the second single taken from her sophomore EP, IVORY – scheduled for release on October 7 via Groenland Records – and the closing track to the EP.

Beautifully evocative ‘TWTC’ stands for “toxic ways to cope” – a song that marks a moment of climax, leaving a lasting impression with its sultry, stripped-back energies. Mulay explains, “It’s the showdown for my inner confrontation. It’s about calling yourself out and accepting responsibility; and by nailing down those feelings, by facing and naming them, you reclaim the power they have over you.”

The upcoming IVORY EP acts as a counterpart to her debut EP, ANTRACYTE which came out in January 2021. While ANTRACYTE focuses on the darkness within, processing topics such as betrayal, guilt, condemnation, self-destruction and self-loss leading to a phoenix-like rebirth, IVORY continues to tell that story and takes us on the journey starting with said rebirth.

Lyrically and sonically IVORY allows an even deeper, more intimate and raw insight into the emotional and artistic mind of Mulay, reflected by the repetitive lyrics and pulsating production by LLUCID, that keeps building up throughout the song as it pulls you deeper and deeper into the emotional journey.

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