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Kelsey Magnuson announces debut LP Don’t Budge, shares new single ‘Beep Beep’

Olympia, WA-based indie rock singer-songwriter Kelsey Magnuson announces her debut LP, Don’t Budge (set for release on November 2 via Earth Libraries). To celebrate the forthcoming release, she has shared a new track entitled ‘Beep Beep.’

With her band, Kelsey Magnuson creates lyric-heavy songs with catchy licks that convey her feelings on making out, growing out of your twenties, and sports as a metaphor for polyamory. Throughout her debut LP, Magnuson draws inspiration from other femme rock musicians such as Julie Doiron, Haley Heynderickx, and Hannah Mohan (And the Kids).

The chugging energy and blithe delivery of opener ‘Beep Beep’ recalls Courtney Barnett, another singer-songwriter known for the careful balance of droll humor and heartbreak. Paired with the stop-on-a-dime shifts in guitar riffs, Magnuson’s multi-tracked vocals perfectly add to the sense of overthinking. “I can get yeah so distracted/ But my life is just made up of fractions on fractions of fractions on fractions,” she sings, a recursive mental gymnastics that will surely be familiar to many listeners.

Speaking on her new single, Kelsey wrote: “‘Beep Beep’ is a song written in the first months of the pandemic during a slip into a total loss of my sense of time. But the sound (beep!beep!) of a friends watch that went off on the hour every hour was particularly noticeable…how each hour could pass without much happening at all. The days would drag and then all of a sudden pass too quickly-the rhythm and stops in ‘Beep Beep’ echo that specific feeling.”

Don’t Budge:

  1. Beep Beep
  2. Anna’s Song
  3. Don’t Let The Rats
  4. Coulda Made It Out
  5. Waitress
  6. Put Me In Coach
  7. This Town Mix
  8. Never Been Hurt
  9. Faking It


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