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Rachael Dadd shares new single ‘Heads Down’

The wildly creative free-form songwriter, Rachael Dadd is sharing her new single, ‘Heads Down’. The track is taken from her forthcoming studio album, Kaleidoscope, out October 14 via Memphis Industries.

Premiering on Lauren Laverne’s show on BBC 6 Music, ‘Heads Down’ came out of a playful music session with Rachael’s youngest son, as she explains: “Having just bought my new Gretsch guitar and Wem amp, and cranking it up in my front room with Oto on the harmonica, the chords and rhythm felt fun and energizing. The words followed, inspired by someone on the radio recounting being chased by a gang with baseball bats after naively offending the gang leader. Cockiness and misjudgment are qualities of brazen teenagers and arrogant politicians alike. But rather than just waggle my finger at the others, I looked inward to find that I too have a part driven by impulsive feelings and misguided strong will. After crashing we might hopefully be able to learn and grow by practicing self-discipline and self-compassion alike.”


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