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Rose Haze share new single ‘Slow Decay’

Rose Haze is the musical project of Kate Ramsey, a mercurial songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a penchant for analog synths. Ramsey emits an ethereal feminine prowess and powerful panache. Her unabashedly vulnerable vocals explore the depths of the human experience and float alongside her moody, psychedelic, sonic expressions.

While Kate was at home visiting family in the midwest she felt called to work on a new tune while going through waves of nostalgia and deep reflection. She asked guitarist Ruben Gonzales to send her a few riffs, bass line, and drum beat. In her childhood bedroom, she wrote lyrics and synth parts around Gonzales’ parts and arranged a demo, which in its primitive form was much more ethereal and light. When introduced to the rest of the band and taken to the stage, the track naturally morphed into a darker and heavier track falling somewhere between dream pop and doom. Bassist Yoko Miyakawa’s undeniable sense of pulse brings a grooving yet sludgy undertone that locks in with drummer Dustin Coker’s deep kick and snare combo creating a sonic structure very reminiscent of the Cocteau Twins.

‘Slow Decay’ is very much a shoegaze wall of sound cloaked in analog synth swells and sweeps, which is exactly what Gonzales and Ramsey do best over a rock solid rhythm section. The lyrics tell a story of the cycle of life and death from the lens of Ramsey contemplating whether she would ever have children and the future of humanity as a species. It’s a song of hope despite fears of the slow decay of our planet.

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