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Photo credit: Sonny Hammersley

She’s In Parties reveal debut single ‘Angelic’

Essex-based four-piece She’s In Parties share their first official single and video ‘Angelic’, a hazy, dream-pop cut which delivers an essential message about consent and self-value out now via Something.

The band is led by 20-year-old Irish-born frontperson Katie Dillon (vocals/guitar), alongside her friends Herbie Wiseman (guitar), Matt Carman (drums), and Charlie Johnson (bass). The band have steadily made a name for themselves in the Colchester live scene since playing their first show in 2021.

Katie explains that whilst the foundations of ‘Angelic’ didn’t start with a particular motive in mind, her experiences at the time of writing ended up having an impact on its ultimate meaning. “I started with a melody, and as I was singing, the lyrics were just sort of coming out. Usually this happens because there is a theme going on in my life or others around me. I started with the lyric “my soul’s washed away on this planet”, and then “lucky for you, you’re so manly” and it started to become a song about how women can be disrespected and treated quite badly” explains Katie. “I had seen a friend of mine getting played around by this guy, and also anytime I would go to this pub, the owner would be specifically weird with me. It is obviously the same for a lot of women in general life, where men think they can just stare at you on a train or touch you uninvited in a club. The idea for this whole song was to talk to men directly, it’s a message to respect women. It’s also a message for female-identifying people to really take a look at yourself and see that you are this divine being, and no one can take that away from you, specifically men. We are all angelic, not because a man sees you that way but because you see yourself that way.”

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