You are currently viewing RYL0 taps Rina Sawayama-collaborator for 80s-infused pop banger ‘People Who Don’t Love Me’

RYL0 taps Rina Sawayama-collaborator for 80s-infused pop banger ‘People Who Don’t Love Me’

Following the release of her brooding, genre-blending mixtape Fragments, RYL0 is displaying her duality with the new single ‘People Who Don’t Love Me’ – a euphoric, summery pop smash that catapults her into unprecedented sonic terrain. A collaboration with Katy Perry-signed producer/songwriter Matias Mora (Cyn, K.Flay, PVRIS, Miya Follick, Rebecca Black), Rina Sawayama-songwriter and Halsey-guitarist Vic Jamieson, and frequent-RYL0 collaborator Cary Singer (who also worked with Mora on the RYL0 track ‘Only 1 Trying’), ‘People Who Don’t Love Me’ is an explosive, anthemic bop that is as catchy as it is relatable.

Reminiscent of The 1975 and Carly Rae Jepsen, the track kicks off with a distant, reverberated vocal that leads into RYL0’s first verse, which sees her singing over a vibrant, upbeat instrumental replete with punchy percussion, groovy basslines, lush guitars and bubbly synth chord progressions. “In the night on the prowl/add to my body count/sabotaging,” she sings, immediately entering the track with her trademark humor and acute storytelling ability.

The song then transitions into its angelic pre-chorus, a section of pristine, 80s-inspired vocals and instrumentation before breaking into its momentous, unforgettable chorus that sees RYL0 expanding her vocal limits over a cathartic, immaculately layered backing track. Later, after an emotionally impassioned bridge, the track bursts into its final chorus filled with epic, sweeping electric guitar riffs leading into its sumptuous final moments.

RYL0 had this to say on the new offering: “Even though it’s not about anyone in particular, this song still feels deeply personal and relatable in a lot of ways. For me, the really personal element is the fact I’ve never made anything like this prior and, honestly, never thought I would be able to.

“I take a lot of pride in being able to track my evolution with each release and with ‘People Who Don’t Love Me,’ it feels like a reintroduction of my entire artist project. It’s been incredibly fulfilling to feel like I’ve organically grown into this sound that most people probably never expected from me. It’s especially exciting to completely switch it up with such a classically pop style.”

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