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RYL0 unveils brooding new single ‘Thru My Chest’

RYL0 kicks off her new era with single ‘Thru My Chest,’ a ferocious, biting alt-pop banger reflecting on the pain of a romantic partner’s unthoughtful, brutal honesty. Produced by David Burris (MOTHICA, Rebecca Black) with co-writing from Christina Galligan (aespa, Lexi Jayde), ‘Thru My Chest’ sees RYL0 immersing herself into darker, moodier territories.

The track kicks off with angelic harp arpeggios before RYL0 comes in with an eerily intimate vocal delivery. “I finally got my distance/been a long time, been a minute/was minding my own business/when you pulled me, put me right back in it,” she sings, evoking a dreadful memory of being drawn back into a toxic situation.

The track then drops into its trunk-rattling chorus – a cacophonous section filled to the brim with deep bass, thumping kick drums, haunting backing vocal melodies, and industrial percussion and sound design. “Shoulda kept it in your head/cuz what you said is spreading through my chest,” RYL0 repeats, a poignant, appropriately piercing message.

Short yet deeply effective, ‘Thru My Chest’ spotlights RYL0’s new songwriting and aesthetic vision. It’s a track that digs deep and doesn’t let go until its enthralling finish – a vivid listening experience that takes you into RYL0’s interior world, and shows you a special, exclusive glimpse into everything to come from the soon-to-be star.

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