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Photo credit: Sonny Hammersley

She’s In Parties release new single ‘Cherish’

Following on from their recent single ‘I Follow You’, hyped new Essex-based four-piece She’s In Parties share their third single ‘Cherish’ out now via Something. ‘Cherish’ is the band’s most upbeat, optimistic and ambitious song to date. The driving guitars, soaring vocal harmonies amount to an invigorating and anthemic track that they hope will inspire you to shout and dance.

Speaking about ‘Cherish’, frontperson Katie Dillon explains “at the time ‘Cherish’ was written I was going through some weird times in my relationship, I was never good at communicating my feelings and so things would just build up, at the same time though, neither was he. We were young going into it, not that it was a bad thing, but we were growing up together and learning so much about ourselves and each other. What I write in this song mainly suggests to myself, at the time, to cherish the love that we have for each other because ultimately there was too much love and memories and history there to just let it all go. I hope people will feel uplifted when listening to this song. Cherish the love always because someday that person might go away.”

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