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Shallow Honey release new single ‘Lightweight’

Shallow Honey are an Alt-Rock / Dirty Pop / Grunge four-piece from the UK’s South Coast. The band deliver 90’s inspired ‘melt your face’ guitar riffs, mixed with dirty, fuzz driven bass, hard hitting drums and feminist lyrics delivered with a theatrical sense of tongue-in-cheek humor.

‘Lightweight’ (the band’s fifth single) takes a deep breath into how ingrained and normalized body dissatisfaction is within society. A relatable subject to most, no thanks to the constant push of ”The Perfect Body”, from most media outlets.

Lightweight takes a sharp turn into the pop domain of Shallow Honey’s distinct and unique dirty-pop sound. The haunting guitar tones ring throughout, whirling and soothing to the ear. Contrasted with a dominant and almost predatory bass line, mighty driving drums snap you back awake, like a tug of war between the body and mind. Vocals pound like a heartbeat, fueled by honest lyrics that remind us to take care of ourselves.

Shallow Honey’s vocalist, Rai, explains: “‘Lightweight’ is about how we’re never truly happy in our own skin. When we see a glimpse of younger selves in a photograph, we regret the bad thoughts and feelings we had at that time. But it’s always too late, our body has changed and so the cycle continues. We never learn and seem to be incapable of loving ourselves in the present moment. Let’s change that cycle!”

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