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Photo credit: Christina Bryson

Blu DeTiger drops new bop ‘Elevator’

Ahead of her upcoming North American headline tour, bass prodigy and burgeoning pop icon Blu DeTiger unveils her upbeat new single, ‘Elevator.’

Using an elevator ride as a metaphor for escaping a draining relationship, she delivers a spacy, infectious kiss-off and revels in the instant boost to her outlook.

“‘Elevator’ is an upbeat, tongue in cheek way of expressing how I feel when I’m stuck in the elevator (of life). It’s about moments when I’m down and need to be taken back up,” explains Blu DeTiger. “The song is about turning a bad situation, like being caught in an elevator with someone you don’t like or just feeling down, and going through it and getting past it. It’s encouraging. The lyric ‘I could be a big shot too’ reminds me that I can take control of my own journey and path.”

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