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Sonja Midtune debuts title track to upcoming new EP ‘Golden Girl’

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Sonja Midtune has moved from the acoustic, nostalgic, sad-girl tunes of her previous albums and has plugged in her electric guitar to bring us her new uplifting indie-electronic EP, Golden Girl, out November 11.

The 5-song EP is inspired by the title track ‘Golden Girl’, a song that Midtune wrote several years ago, but had a different energy than the rest of her music. After being pent-up during the pandemic, she was ready to record it and make more songs with this new, raw energy.

“It was a crowd favorite but didn’t seem to fit into the rest of the set.” Midtune says. “A few years ago, an extreme situation got me used to extremes. When things settled down, I missed the highs and lows. I had to put that feeling into a song to get it out of me.”

Sonja recorded the ‘Golden Girl’ single with producer Sean Oakley. The song inspired them to record four more songs for an EP. Oakley’s experience engineering for Rick Rubin (Kayne West, Lana Del Rey, James Blake) and his producer experience (Georgia, CHAMPS, La Roux) give a unique indie-electronic twist to Midtune’s music. All while keeping her lyrical signature that lands somewhere between Sharon Van Etten and Cate Le Bon.

“The recording process was 100% fun 100% of the time,” says Midtune. “Every song had a magical recording moment which is what I call when you start experimenting with instruments and come up with the perfect sound by accident. ‘Golden Girl’ has this moment with the do-doo guitar lick in the background. I would go home from the studio absolutely buzzin’ and sometimes I was scared we weren’t going to be able to have the same energy while recording the next song, and then we would!”

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