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Photo credit: Henry Beach

The Deep Blue share emotive single/video ‘Somebody’s Daughter’

Manchester band The Deep Blue are simultaneously quietly outspoken and rebellious, their punk attitudes fused with hypnotically beautiful harmonies and intertwined instruments. Lyrically spanning small, detailed vignettes and musings to anthemic calls to arms, always deeply personal and reflective with strong elements of storytelling.

New emotive single ‘Somebody’s Daughter’ is The Deep Blue’s response to the ongoing border crisis, as they explain: “We feel alarmed by the current discourse around asylum seekers which is often dehumanising. With our song and music video, we have tried to combat the facelessness of the people attempting to seek refuge in the UK, when the government has not provided safe and legal routes for them. Rejecting the ‘us and them’ narrative and moving towards deeper empathy and compassion. The injustice of it is horrifying.

“This song is our personal response to try and navigate the polarising and inhuman media narrative around borders and asylum seekers. 40% of global refugees are children. That’s 43.3 million children. Watching someone’s childhood be ripped away and reduced to a statistic is hard to stomach. All these young children are somebody’s child.”

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