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Wetsuit announce debut album Sugar, I’m Tired; share new singe/video ‘Local Celebrity’

Wetsuit is a Brooklyn-based indie rock band fronted by songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist Allison Becker, accompanied by guitarist Anders Nils, bassist Paul DeSilva, and drummer Stephen Cadieux. Wetsuit pours out energetic vulnerability, dusting a dream-pop optimism over blooming rock melodies. They will release their debut album Sugar, I’m Tired on August 18 via Substitute Scene Records and today they share new single/video ‘Local Celebrity’.

Like turning the scrawled pages of a diary, Sugar, I’m Tired, confronts old lovers and desires of the past. Some songs’ lyrics come straight from Becker’s poems about her lived experiences with heartbreak and love, against the reality of New York City streets and smells. It is pinned down by steady, faithful rhythms, as the tracks dig through the ups and downs of breaking up, getting back together, and waiting around. The lush sounds imitate a release of closeness and contentment. The songs often juxtaposes dreamlike elements with mundane city life: turning into jello in a grassy field, walking home together after bars close. Wetsuit’s dynamics take us to rippling high points, then slowdowns as if out of breath.

Allison had this to say about ‘Local Celebrity’: “This song is about one of my most embarrassing moments. When I was 18 I was in a long distance relationship with a guy who I was madly, unhealthily in love with. He was in a band, he had cool friends, he lived in Williamsburg in 2009 (further proof he was very cool.) We went to high school together but he always had an aura of mystery about him that made me think of him like a local celebrity (he was not.) I never felt worthy of him and always felt lucky that he chose me. If he ever stopped choosing me (he did) I would not be worthy of anything, I would cease to be a person.

“His band was opening for Surfer Blood at Mercury Lounge. Big deal. I wanted to come visit him to go to the show but he told me all the tickets were sold out and I couldn’t go. I was determined to come to the show anyway. So I did what anyone would do in 2009, I made a Craigslist ad looking for tickets. However, I saw there was another Craigslist ad where someone was also looking for tickets. I knew I had to stand out somehow, so I wrote in my post to say that I was looking for tickets because my boyfriend is playing in the opening band and I want to be there to “support my man.” A few days later I get a call from him at band practice. I can hear his bandmates laughing in the background. He says “babe, did you make a Craigslist ad?” and I could just hear them laughing and laughing at me. I denied it, but he coaxed the truth out of me and I was humiliated. I’ve lived in NYC for 13 years now and I’ve still never been to the Mercury Lounge.”

Sugar, I’m Tired:

  1. Sugar
  2. Clovers
  3. Local Celebrity
  4. Clean Coming
  5. Ghost
  6. Polka Dots
  7. Twiggy

Photo credit: Sydney Tate

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