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Jockstrap have shared a fun new video for their song ‘Greatest Hits.’ In the video a celebrity trial between two pop stars plays out in full, from being caught by paparazzi as they enter to the drama unfolding inside the court. Cameos in the video include Jamie xx, Don Letts, John Foley, and Princess Julia. Director Aidan Zamiri, a regular collaborator of FKA twigs, says: “I think Jockstrap are one of the most exciting bands in the world and I’m stoked we were able to make this video together. We wanted this to have a bit of a reflection on the time we live in now, whilst still having a sense of humour about it. Georgia and Taylor are geniuses, and I was so grateful to explore this mad story with them. We did our best to make it as legally accurate as possible (with a few artistic liberties) and this was possible thanks to Jean Lee, our barrister consultant who also played the judge.” [via The FADER]

Black Honey are back with news of their third album A Fistful of Peaches, and have shared new single ‘Heavy’ to accompany the announcement. ‘Heavy’ is teamed with a video directed by and starring Drag Race UK’s Dakota Schiffer, and will appear on Black Honey’s forthcoming album with last month’s ‘Out of My Mind’ single and August’s ‘Charlie Bronson’. Lead vocalist Izzy Phillips says of the single, “We wrote this song the day I found out the founder of our fan club passed away from Covid-19. We were talking about the weight of grief and the way it holds you down, about the parallels between grief and depression. The weight of mental illness and how it brings you a deeper understanding of grief. There’s always a glimmer of light though and I love how Heavy has that kind glitter darkness. It’s in my nature to become co-dependant and I think in this song I’m reaching for someone to help me climb back out. I talk a bit about the never-ending story as it was my first dialog with death and depression as a child. Watching Artax the horse getting swallowed by the nothing whilst Atreyu screamed helplessly from the edges of a swamp really spoke to me.” [via Line Of Best Fit]

When she’s not co-fronting Nice Biscuit, you can catch Grace Cuell making some cool sounds as Baby Cool, who returns with new single and music video ‘Poison’ ahead of her debut album Earthling on the Road to Self Love, set for a February 2023 release. A breezy slice of indie-pop meets psych-folk with just a dash of alt-country, ‘Poison’ takes the listener on an effortless, floating journey through it’s guitar twangs, relaxed rhythm section and Cuell’s smokey, entrancing vocals. Explaining the inspiration behind the song, Cuell says “I wrote this song as a playful way to move through the feelings of rejection that can surface after a break up. The meaning has morphed into different things over time. Mostly it’s about expelling bad energy from your soul so that you can move through life a little lighter. I like to sing it to that painful voice of self loathing that surfaces whenever I’m feeling vulnerable in some way – that voice for me is the true poison.” ‘Poison’ arrives alongside a playful music video that’s “part two in the visual trilogy initiated by ‘The Sea’, and combines surrealist styling and visuals with the lush foliage of the rainforest behind Cuell’s Byron Bay home to create a dreamlike visage. Filmed by photographer Imogen O’Doyle, styled by and starring Brisbane-based artist Miri Badger as the visual representation of ‘Poison’, edited by and co-starring Cuell herself, and colour/VFX work done by Tom Carroll, the new clip mirrors the ethereal ambiance of the track.“ [via Pilerats]

yunè pinku is 19-year-old Irish Malaysian-Londoner Asha Yunè, who debuted earlier this year with Bluff, an EP that bent the past three decades of rave culture to her own will. Now, she returns with a new song called ‘Fai Fighter,’ which digs deeper into her feelings and comes out howling. ‘Fai Fighter’ begins with a synth riff worthy of any ’80s pop hit and marries it to a four-on-the-floor beat that stays stomping throughout. Yunè’s vocals are chopped up and scattered across the chorus, leaving her to get her message across in the verses. Her lyrics mix the macabre with the every day to amusing effect. “My head just severed,” she sings at one point before undercutting the drama with a well timed, “Oh babe, whatever.” The song comes with a video that — and you may detect a theme here — features the producer and artist wielding a sword as she poses for the camera. There’s a chaotic nature to the visual that feels in tune with the song, featuring nods to her Irish heritage and Celtic witches. “’Fai Fighter’ is a sort of homage to the chaos of vulnerability,” yunè tells The FADER. “I imagined it existing in a metaverse arena or a futuristic realm of some sorts. I think for me I struggle to articulate the meaning of this track because it’s much more of a feeling than a specific word. But it’s sort of a phoenix rising, an embrace of femininity.” [via The FADER]

Creating tracks that feel both catchy and feeling honest and vulnerable seems to be second nature for Madisyn Gifford, an artist who’s lush pop sound continues to earn her plaudits both for its creative potency and her unerring level of consistency. The latest release from the artist is her new single ‘Hospital Beds’, a track that sees the artist aiming criticism at herself for her tendency to sabotage things and then mope around in the aftermath. Everything from it’s forthright lyrics to the upbeat and energetic alt-pop styling of the track feels vibrant and exciting, with the creative young artist showcasing boatloads of personality and appeal, as she always does. Madisyn is a potential star who reaffirms that fact every time that she releases something and reminds us of her immense potential. “The song ‘Hospital Beds’ is a really interesting one for me and also a song that I’m insanely proud of.” Madisyn says of the track. “I originally wrote it in October of 2021 as a slow melancholy acoustic song and it wasn’t until August 2022 that my producer and co-writer Jared Manierka and I decided to take a completely different approach and turn it into the tongue and cheek alternative pop song it is today. Essentially throughout the track I am making fun off and calling myself out for my own victim complex and tendency to self sabotage my own relationships. Although I think the song is really funny and fun lyrically I also think it manages to be very vulnerable and honest at the same time which is something that I am very proud of. I’m so excited about this track and for it to finally be out in the world!“ [via Clout]

Multi-platinum recording artist RAYE continues to evince herself as a powerhouse star with the release of her ‘Escapism.’ music video. Giving an emotional, adrenaline-rushing performance, RAYE reenacts her darkest days of numbing her pain with temporary fixes. The visual includes a rare, special appearance from featured artist 070 Shake and is the latest offering from RAYE’s upcoming debut album, My 21st Century Blues., set to release on February 3, 2023 via Human Re Sources / The Orchard. “We worked really hard to create an honest depiction of where I was at that time in my life,” RAYE shares. “It was fun and wild. We shot it over a couple of days and wore point-of-view cameras during a wild night out at many different clubs. I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone and I ran 150 meters in 5 inch heels. We really took it there! I am really proud of it and hope everyone enjoys the visuals.”

Multiplatinum pop singer, songwriter and Academy® Award-nominated actress Hailee Steinfeld releases the highly anticipated music video for ‘Coast’ [feat. Anderson .Paak]. Shot in California as an homage to the artists’ roots, Anderson .Paak also directs the video, which sees Hailee daydream about a psychedelic surf competition in which she and Anderson feature as the main event.

‘Addicted’ is the debut track and music video from Chloe Jane, a 19-year-old pop singer, songwriter, and DJ who grew up in the club scene in NY and Ibiza. This track is a perfect representation of Chloe’s artistry – fun, dancey and infectious while also tackling real life problems – being ‘Addicted’ to our screens. Chloe says: “I wrote ‘Addicted’ about how in today’s society, people seem to be totally reliant on their phones and are losing touch with reality. I hope ‘Addicted’ inspires listeners to put their phone down and live in the moment.”

Izzy Camina has released ‘Alprazalam’, and announced that her new EP ANG3L NUMB3RS will drop early next year. ‘Alprazalam’, which Izzy co-produced with Aaron C Harmon, sees the LA-born artist continue in a new direction since her debut EP Nihilist In The Club was released back in 2020. The single drop includes a brand new video by the artist, which sees her take on the role of a crab to speak to the otherworldly quality of the track. [via Dork]

Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter and actress Sabrina Carpenter releases the music video for her hit song ‘Nonsense.’ A fan-favorite from her newest album emails i can’t send, ‘Nonsense’ is a playful earworm that chronicles all the nervous, exciting, and nonsensical feelings that come along with a new relationship. The video, directed by Danica Kleinknecht, perfectly complements the lighthearted track as viewers watch Sabrina and her friends embark on a night out where they cross paths with a few familiar looking men at a house party. [via Broadway World]

Honey Revenge have shared a catchy and relatable new single, Rerun. A very timeless release, the duo – guitarist Donovan Lloyd and vocalist Devin Papadol – explain of the song: “We’ve all struggled with things not going the way we planned. It’s not easy to bounce back from being let down. ‘Rerun’ dives into the hopeless experience of feeling like you’re living the same bad day over and over again and trying to stay positive in spite of being at your worst. I wrote the song in a state of severe impatience wondering when the hard work would start paying off. It’s cathartic to know it’s finally making its way into the world especially now that I’m in a much better place.” [via Kerrang!]

HALFLIVES have released a new music video. The new music video, for the track ‘sorry mom x,’ is the brand new single from the French melodic alternative rock band and follows on from their last single, ‘Dynamite,’ which was released back in April. Speaking about the new single, vocalist Linda Battilani says, “the writing of sorry mom was incredibly natural and fast. I started singing on a guitar riff and the lyrics were somehow immediately right. I was particularly inspired by how I was feeling on the moment and it quickly became a stream of consciousness. The whistle you hear at the beginning of the song is actually me!” [via Distorted Sound]

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