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Agi shares a new intimate acoustic track, ‘Green Velvet’

Agi details the subtleties of romance in the stripped back demo, ‘Green Velvet’. After a stunning debut last year, Agi reintroduces herself with a new song that captures the moments of doubt and intricacies of falling in love.

The Leeds singer-songwriter wanted to release ‘Green Velvet’ as a demo as she felt the song was most honest in this form. Agi sent a voice note of the song to friend and musician, Pete Woodin (Wunderhorse), who played and arranged the guitar parts, and her frequent collaborator, Christian Fiore (JORDY, Violet Skies), who produced the demo.

“I consider myself quite a closed off person when it comes to relationships. I wrote it at a time that was very uncertain for me; I kept thinking about what I had and what I could have. It also gave me a spark of romance in a moment that was super draining mentally,” Agi explains. “I think a lot of people have had that “oh f**k” moment when you realise you might be falling for someone and this song is a capture of that. Sometimes someone you’ve just met can make you feel at home. This song means a peaceful place. It automatically puts me in a calm and safe mindset. It makes me feel like all the worries and hardships aren’t important anymore. What’s important is being in the moment with the right person.”

The song combines distinctive melodies, beautiful acoustic guitar arrangements and a storyteller’s approach to the lyrics; offering the listener a sense of freedom and contentment.

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