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Photo credit: Roy Cox

Alexa Givens unveils her debut solo single ‘Broken Record’

Alexa Givens wants to make music that lasts. Raised on jazz standards and vocal powerhouses like Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande, Givens strives to create “vibrant colors” with her music, exploring dissonant harmony, crunchy chords, and vocal stacking.

Growing up in the suburbs of Maryland, Givens got her start singing in church, eventually becoming a vocalist for the Bethesda Blues and Jazz Youth Orchestra. Her various influences, combined with her natural instinct for harmony, create the timeless sound of her first single ‘Broken Record’: A featherlight pop song with hints of R&B and a youthful glow. “I’m trying to chase that tingly feeling I get from hearing certain pieces of music,” Givens explains.

Here’s what Alexa had to say about the track: “‘Broken Record’ is the perfect pop romantic daydream about being ridiculously head over heels in love with someone in the most casual, comfortable way. It’s a Saturday morning dancing around in the kitchen with your partner as you cook breakfast and play all of your favorite records”, Alexa said. “I wrote it on a road trip to Philly in the summer, pondering what my ideal romantic relationship would look like. I was inspired by a 70’s soul song I had on my playlist called ‘Would You Rather’ by The Georgettes”.

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