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Photo credit: Holly Whittaker

Dream Nails release new single/video ‘Femme Boi’

Queer punk collective DREAM NAILS drop their new single ‘FEMME BOI’ taken from their highly anticipated sophomore record DOOM LOOP (set for release October 13 via Marshall Records).

The band’s latest offering is a celebration of vulnerability, unity and trans freedom that’s accompanied by a perfectly infectious and hooky soundtrack. Speaking on their latest punk anthem, frontman Ishmael Kirby (he/they) comments:

“This song began as a catchy hook, a trans daydream about the power I could hold as a boy embracing femininity,” declares Ishmael. “Our guitarist Anya had to really coax the idea out of me, because I was fearful it wouldn’t make sense. I wanted to protect this precious truth I knew about myself but hadn’t vocalised.”

“This song defies society’s expectations of a feminine trans-boy. We invite you to find joy and connection in the track, regardless of where you stand on the gender spectrum. Let’s celebrate these opposing feelings!”

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