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Track of the Week: ‘Into My Body’ by UPSAHL

Pop iconoclast UPSAHL announces her upcoming EP Sagittarius, out December 9. She also releases a new single and music video, ‘Into My Body.’

On the heels of UPSAHL’s highly successful first-ever headline tour, Sagittarius promises to provide an introspective glimpse into her fiery persona and pay homage to her sign. Each song on the EP represents a different quality found in Sagittarians. The latest taste of her upcoming EP, ‘Into My Body,’ is a passion-fueled exploration of “what ifs” that channels a level of intensity characteristic of UPSAHL. As explored in her previous single, ‘Antsy,’ UPSAHL tends to get lost in her thoughts, but this time she’s focused on feeling like herself again.

Set to a syncopated pop beat, ‘Into My Body’ is an anthem for combating self-doubt and reclaiming confidence. The accompanying video amplifies the singer’s message through visuals of mannequin silhouettes and a high-octane dance routine. Dancers push and pull UPSAHL much like the inner battles that prevent her from staying present in her body.

Of the single, UPSAHL shared, “I wrote ‘Into My Body’ at the beginning of the summer after getting back from almost 6 months of touring,” UPSAHL says about the song, “For the first time in a while, I wasn’t surrounded by chaos and constant brain stimulation, so I was kind of left to me and my own thoughts. I got stuck in my head and was completely disconnected from reality. I’m an intense person, so this feeling got very extreme. I wanted to write a song about how I was having an out-of-body experience, but it became a song about getting back into my body. It’s also definitely, maybe a masturbation anthem lol.”

Photo credit: Sarah Pardini

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